Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Should I be more worried?

I've lost my last 3 matches. Usually, this sends me into a flurry of clinics, lessons, and self-deprecating soul searching.

But, not this time.

See, I played really well in all 3 matches. I served well, played extremely clean, volleyed well, and damn, even hit a few winners. I'm moving better than I ever have before, and haven't really even been nervous.

So, even though I've lost, I'm not really worried.

Should I be?

It could be that I just don't have time to be worried. My psych class started yesterday, I'm still working that darn full time job, I'm attempting to stick to a training program and at least one run a week, and I've got 3 entrance exams to prep for...maybe worrying about the matches just isn't high enough on the list?

But there is that small nagging voice...hell, if I'm playing this well, and still losing, what is it that I have to do?

I'm not sure I care...as long as I get to keep playing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I shall blog again?

Ironic, reading that last post in July. The worst was yet to come, but yes, still standing.

Always was one of my favorite songs!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little of this, little of that...

Oh, look, a post.

So, I decided to undelete my blog. May still change my mind. Life has been pretty rough lately, but I'm a trooper, and I make it out okay in the end...every time so far, right?

Finishing up my last prereq for nursing school. Still going to teach one more year, probably, though, as I need to figure out a way to actually support myself while in school. I'm hoping the Navy Reserves will be lending a hand, but more on that to come.

A few trips coming up, too, during my only two weeks in August when I don't have school or...school. Going to Cincinnati and Florida, and probably the homestead at some point as well.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Has it really been a whole month? Well, things here are kind of crazy, it could easily have been longer than a month...

So, I like lists, so here is an update, in list format:

*Three exams down so far, two 95s and one 97. I think I have a good format for studying pretty much down pat. I honestly had to relearn how to do this, since I didn't study much in music school (didn't really need to) and most of my 'coursework' was performing.
*School...is bleak but good at the same time. Budget cuts will more than likely change my job in some way next year, but I think I don't have to worry about actually *having* a job. Having a plan 'B' for my career is actually affecting my teaching in a positive way. Also having a positive impact is not having over 500 students every week, thanks to finally getting an itinerant (who, I have a feeling, will be cut next year). Guess I need to enjoy it while I can!
*Taking a bit of a break from leagues at the moment, at least until the big move is out of the way.
*Oh yeah, I'm moving! Out of the high rise, into a townhouse, and I will have roommates. Not exactly my cup of tea, but in this situation, I think it will work fine, and the price is RIGHT. The landlord is even adding The Tennis Channel to her cable line up for me!
*Moving is also giving me a chance to look at a lot of things and think 'do I really need this'? So, major purging is underway, and it feels good!
*I did not run the ATM due to a sudden and painful bout of IT band syndrome again (last time I had it was the last time I trained for this race!). I have since discovered the beauty of the foam roller though, and so far, it is doing the trick!
*Food is going okay, I actually dropped a bit of weight really fast in the first week or so of school, and put it right back on when I started succumbing to the temptations of candy and treats constantly in the faculty room. Need to get back on track, but still, I'm pleased with the progress I've made...and it would be just the 'icing on the cake' to finally drop the last bit of weight and be at a good fighting weight next spring for USTA season.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One down...countless more to go.

Wow, that title could apply to a lot of things.

It was meant to refer to my first exam in my journey to becoming a nurse. I took my first exam in Human Biology today, and received a 95 (A). Sounds great right? Should have been a 100!!! Why? Well, I didn't make stupid mistakes (which I did do on the practice exam and the quizzes), but I fell prey to deliberately tricky questions. Oh well...still, pretty darn good, and I'll take it! Especially after a long work day that included reading a whole bunch of IEPs (which, oddly enough, were not on my exam!).

It could also refer to the countless school days to come. I'm exhausted. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. But I'm getting through, I guess...no other option, right?

Onward and upward.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School, Day 1!

Only, not as the teacher, this time as the student!

Monday morning I dutifully logged into our class site, and was a bit taken aback by the long list of assignments for week 1! Whoa! But, I almost gleefully dug in, made a list (because that is what I do best)...and got cracking!

Basically, we need to do chapter 1 in 3 of 4 of our books, and a couple other things (such as an intro letter and some online exercises). I got all the reading one yesterday, and now I'm working through the study guide and workbork. Then I will do the exercises and online stuff, and then hopefully be ready to do the quiz. I think this will be a good sequence, only I want to make sure I schedule the chapter reading for the weekends, so I'm trying to work a bit ahead this week. The course is self-paced, so I can completely work ahead if I can manage it. It would be nice to get it done early in case I can manage a trip to FL in early December.

The first chapter covers levels/structure of organisms, and all the vocabulary for anatomy...all the parts, sections, and directions. Whoo! I'm doing ok, but I am getting more wrong than I would like in the workbook...most of the time I'm just not working or reading carefully enough. It is a lot of memorization, but I figure I gotta get this down as then it will be used in the subsequent chapters.

There are a few others in my class that are taking the class as a prereq for A&P, too, just like me.

I also went into school today to work in my classroom. I got most of the heavy lifting done...moving instruments back in and moving the big stuff out of storage. It was just a few hours, but it gave me the head start I wanted.

I also talked to enough other people to know that my decision to move out of teaching is the right one for me. I only wish I could make it happen sooner.

Now, some pictures!

Sunday night I met up with my friend Janet for a quick drink. She is a tennis buddy, a fellow runner, and also a nurse! I wanted to pick her brain a bit, and then, of course, we always end up talking about men. I thought my hair looked good, so I took a few pictures.

It is also getting insanely long!

This is last night's dinner. Vegetarian chili (the Eating Right brand from Safeway) over romaine with some light shredded cheese, and some corn on the cob on the side (microwaved!).

It was very good, but the chili was too hot/spicy for me. I'm a whimp! I had some Tazo 'refresh' iced tea that helped quench the fire, though.

As 'back to school/the teacher edition' looms, I'm concerned about how to get my healthy meals reproduced at school. Since I went in today, I tried to see how well some things would travel/pack. I do have a microwave and a mini-fridge in my office, so I should be good to go!

Last night I put some oats, milk, yogurt, and vanilla whey in the fridge. I added blueberries (and flax after the picture) this morning.

Then I added some other snacks...raw almonds, sunflower seeds, and an apple.

It worked perfectly! For breakfast I had my current favorite egg white French toast with bananas, and then a Larabar.

When I came home, though, I was *hangry* (hungry + hangry, borrowed from a better blogger than me!)...I made a wrap with chicken, hummus and veggies, and then made some cucumber/onion/tomato bites!

And then I was still eating! LOL I guess all the lifting and carrying made me hungry? I had some popcorn and some peanut butter, too. Then I headed out to hit with Michelle, and just had some Trader Joe's Ohs with milk to tide me over until morning. I find if I actually go to bed hungry, I will dream about food. Sad, but true!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good eats and good reads. Hopefully.

I finally have all of my books assembled for my class! Here they are!

The 'chemistry for biology students' book is really well put together, I think. I've worked through the first four chapters already, and it is slowly coming back. The book is set up more like a work book than a text book, and I feel like it is a more meaningful type of instruction.

Here are the books I picked up from Flames9 on the Allnurses board:

The Kaplan math review book was supposed to help me get ready for the math entrance exam (hoping to score high enough so that I do not have to take a math class)...but the book really sucks. I *hate* how it explains things...seems to make things more complicated than it has to be. And, I'm no math genius, but I found two errors already. Math for me, just needs to be simple...show me how to do that problem. That's it. That's all I want.

The egg white French toast idea really took flight this morning! I had my oats/yogurt combo early, before heading out to clinic, then came back and had a Larabar, did upper body work, and then...the French Toast (egg whites only with cinnamon using Ezekiel bread) topped with bananas that I threw in the pan a bit to get them a bit mushy and carmelizd...OMG!!! It was wonderful!

We have a winnah!

From last night...my Big Salad (/Seinfeld reference):

Now it is time for Fed/Djokovic, then LenaD vs. Shriekapova. Go Lena!!!