Thursday, October 4, 2007

First 4.0 match

Only it wasn't. Haha. Everyone plays up in fall/winter league, and while it may say 4.0, most of the players are 3.5s. Except for me, I'm a 3.0.

I started the night off by going to what I thought was my clinic. Turned out two people didn't show, so I had to play some singles with Diana. I knew she'd be looking for revenge after I finally beat her on my third try, but it wasn't going to happen tonight. Only one set, but I took it 7-5...same score as last time.

Then I high-tailed it up to Herndon for Under the Radar's first match. Robin and I were teamed up again, on court #3. Our opponents were both 3.5s, and they blew us away the first set, 6-0. Robin and I were a bit shocked and confused, but upped our net game, and I served out the second set at love for 6-3. In lieu of a third set tiebreak, we play a 10 point super tiebreaker. Robin and I came out strong, but had some kind of let down, and ended up losing the tiebreak and the match 10-5. It was almost like we had to remember how this whole doubles thing goes has been awhile!

Funny...Robin was telling me about a tournament in Reston that she won a few weeks back...and how she got a silver plate and will have her name inscribed on a silver bowl. Yup, turns out she won the women's doubles Simon Cup. Evidently, one of our opponents tonight is also a RA member. Jeesh, they're everywhere!!!