Saturday, September 22, 2007

Big Fat Update...

Not quite yet! I'm working on it! Too much going on right now...more Lindsay news, and Davis Cup galore.

But this post shall be about me. *smile*

I just had a kickass lesson. One of those lessons where you feel yourself make a breakthrough, the lightbulb goes off, and you think to yourself...oh yes, I can go far with this, yes I can.

Unfortunately, my tournament schedule got shot to pieces. I *thought* I was playing a mixed tourny this weekend, and a women's tourny (doubles and singles) in two weeks. The club tournament got nixed because of a conflict with Nationals, and the Reston Association won't let me play in their little tourny because they are incapable of proofreading and may just be a bit snobby.

But there will be other tournaments.

The most exciting point of my lesson, though, probably came when Carol mentioned to me that she wants to teach me to!!! Could Topaz the tennis blogger someday become Topaz the Tennis Pro?! Who knows? We shall see how serious she is about this, and whether I can swing whatever she has in mind. It would be, of course, to work with beginners and kids, but still...I think it would be pretty neat!

So, let's see what all I've got going on new 3.0 team, Barracudas, is not playing fall league, but I will continue to clinic with them on Saturdays once and a while. I will be playing fall league with Spinmasters, who are playing up at 4.0. It sounds like a big leap, but it really isn't, since they will be considered a 3.5 team once they get back from Nationals. In fall league, everyone plays up anyway, so all the other 3.5 teams will be up at 4.0 as well. The 4.0 4.5. Yes, it is whacked, but the coordinator never seems to care. I told my old indoor team, Breakpoint, that I would sub for them at 3.0, but I'm not committed to that team. I have clinic for my outdoor team, still subbing in a 3.0/3.5 clinic, and private lessons with Carol...*whew*!!! I'm tired just typing all of this! I also keep going back and forth on whether or not to play mixed, but since I WILL NOT play 6.0 mixed, and I haven't really tried too hard to find a 7.0 team...I may just pass until January.

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