Wednesday, September 5, 2007

US Open: Day 10 - I hate my job.

Ok, actually I don't hate my job, but I do hate that I can't tell you anything about the men's matches that happened today, other than who won, and really, you probably already knew that, right?

Davydenko defeated my boy Tommy in three. Oh Tommy...what happened? You needed me there, didn't you, and I let you down? Actually, from what my TTW peeps have posted, it wasn't that great of a match to watch. I didn't record it (getting short on space on the DVR), so again, Google might be a better friend than me right now.

Instead I offer you...the winner:

Two women's quarters took place today, and the upsets were nowhere to be seen. Sveta took control over Szavay (who is still to be commended for her great play of the recent weeks as well as her fabulous fashion sense) and Chakvetadze took out Peer, which was a bit of a surprise for me. I like both players, but it would have been nice to see Peer make a breakthrough here...instead, the 'breakthrough' will go to Chakie, who needs one, as well.

Our winners:

Sveta and Chakie will meet each other, and Henin will meet the winner of the Venus and Jelena, which is happening right now. To make up for my earlier absence, I give you my play by play thoughts on this match! (Whether you want it, or not!)

Our valiant warriors:

1st set
*J breaks V to open, very unexpected
*J being aggressive, coming to net, very good game plan
*V has lots of FH errors already, maybe getting a real coach and some better technique would help?
*V not attacking and being out rallied by J
*J breaks V again to bring it to 4-1
*V breaks back and holds, J up 4-3
*J keeps the ball deep and in the corners, good patience, however using a slice FH not a good idea against V, holds for 5-3
*V holds, 4-5
*J serving for set, V starts rocketing back returns and showing us great athleticism, at 40-30 J sends V line to line, draws the error
Jelena wins first set 6-3

Second Set
*J again breaks V in first game
*V turns on the aggression, comes into net A LOT! Starts smoking second serve returns, cleaning the lines, and even some great saves by J can't old off V
*What V is doing now is what Serena couldn't manage last night, adjusting and raising her game. Maybe big sis needs to hold a clinic for little sis?
*V serves for set at 5-1, J looking dejected.
*V's FH is finally working again, and though J brings it back to deuce, V holds on for second set, 6-1.

Third Set
*After all those breaks, they both manage to hold serve for the whole set! Unbelievable!
*V has some GREAT net play, and it is making a big difference. Great adjustment to get herself back in this match.
*J has hit some great lobs in this match, and the fourth one happens in the third set. Not a surprise that they came from her BH side.
*V showing great footwork, you can hear the tiny adjustment steps (are you watching Serena?)
*Some great smiles after points from J, so nice to see!
*God, love J's down the line BH! She's a drama queen, but a fun one, love it!
*V saves a BP with a big FH save!
*Another FH error from V helps J hold
*at 4-5 V is serving to stay in match and delivers 4 huge serves to give her easy put aways and a 40-0 game. That is what you call stepping up! 5-all!
*V has the FH swinging volley down, again, please teach Serena
*V still has some huge, ugly FH errors, but she is going for it!
*J holds!
*V holds! J does a split!
*V serving on her AD, great pass by J
*V serving again on her AD, J's BH just barely out
*Third set tiebreak!

Third set tiebreak
*J sends a BH long, V 1-0
*missed the point, I was typing, J won it, so 1-1
*V firing deep FHs, J's FH goes long, V up 2-1
*J sends another FH long, V up 3-1
*J sends yet another FH long, V up 4-1 (is J tired? She doesn't usually hit so many UFE?)
*long point, J's FH goes into net, V up 5-1!
*V hits a deep FH, up 5-2
*V hits FH long, up 5-3
*great swinging FH volley by V, up 6-3
*bad BH miss by V, up 6-4
*V serving for match, first serve in net!
*second serve in, another swinging FH volley and it is game, set, match, Venus Williams! Her first time into the semis in five years!

Great post match interviews by both ladies. Jelena disappointed, but still smiling...great to see a player with some perspective on the whole thing (are you listening Serena?), maybe because she still knows that even though she lost the match, she doesn't have bombs dropping on her head anymore, and that is a very, very good thing.

Next up for Venus...Justine. This should be another great match, but unless V cleans up that FH, I think Justine will take it. The de-facto final? Might be.

Much has already been written about Serena's disgusting behavior after her loss to Justine yesterday. I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said, other than add my belief (to many others) that if Justine had been in Australia, Serena wouldn't have won. And did she show up for her sister tonight? Nope. What a brat. And she has the nerve to bring up the fine for missing the presser? are starving and living in poverty all over the world, and here is this brat who has MILLIONS acting like a complete baby. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to conjure up any kind of support for Serena ever again.

Fed and Rod up next. I'm not planning on staying up and watching it. Sorry, but I'm exhausted from these late nights, and I'm pretty sure I know what is going to happen. Maybe I'll wake up and be surprised...who knows.

Other tidbits...
*Szavay is still alive in doubles! She plays tomorrow morning against the #5 seeds.
*Speaking of #5 seeds, we lost them in the men's doubles draw...Hanley/Ullyett out. Who the hell is going to be left to win this thing?
*Peschke/Stubbs are still in, and looking real good at this point. Dechy/Safina take out #3 seeds Sugiyama/Srebotnik. Umm, who the hell is going to be left to win this thing???? I'm rooting for Szavay (watch, now she'll lose tomorrow!)
*U-Rad, A-Rad's little sis, won her second round girl's singles match!
*Tomorrow's mixed doubles final features Shaugnessey/Paes against Azarenka/Mirnyi. Go Leander!
*Jimmy Arias played Todd Martin in the Men's Champions singles today...he lost, but I still love Jimmy! I would love to see and hear him commentating more, though...he is much better than some of the yahoos we've got now.

All for now my fellow tennis freaks! Tomorrow will be tough, I won't be home until 9pm...guess I will set the DVR for Djoko/Moya...definitely don't want to miss that one!

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