Thursday, September 6, 2007

While I was sleeping...

Actually, I did manage to stay awake for what seemed to be the best parts of this match...the first two sets. Give credit to Andy, I think he gave it his all. I don't understand his strategy against Fed seems he always wants to take him to a tiebreak, but Fed always wins the tiebreaks. Andy doesn't have the ground game to outrally Fed or even break him, so why always go for the tiebreak? Granted, it might be his best (and only?) shot, but Fed demonstrated just how good he is at those tiebreaks in the first two sets. Third set looked more like what we're used to seeing, with Fed wrapping it up with a bow at 6-2. Andy, no matter how much heart he puts into it, just doesn't have the variety to beat Fed. I don't think he ever will at this point, either.

But again, hats off to Andy for once again relishing a match-up with the best of the best, and giving it his all:

Fed was quoted afterward as saying, "It was a tough match and he was serving out of a tree," said Federer. "But I came through in the end. It was a beautiful night." A beautiful night of only 18 unforced errors...this guy is just unbelieveable.

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