Tuesday, September 4, 2007

US Open: Day 9 - Doubles Troubles

Alright, what the H*LL is going on with the doubles teams? Today we lost not just the Bryan brothers, but also Knowles and Nestor! What in the world is going on? I throw my hands up in disbelief and confusion!!!

Some more quality five setters occured today, not that I actually got see any of them. My county frowns upon teachers live streaming tennis matches while they are supposed to be teaching, and rightfully so. Just, the timing kind of sucks, can't we start school *after* the Open? I mean really, is that too much to ask?

Anyway, back to the five setters. Chela today said "No Stan, you are not the man. I am the man." by eliminating Wawrinka (not just Fed's practice partner anymore). I was hoping Stan would come through and holding on to the slim chance of an all-Swiss final, 'cause they make good cheese and watches. Ok, actually, I'm not even sure that would be possible, I'd have to check the draw, but I was still hoping Stan would pull it out. Not this time.

Moya and Gulbis (who is the singular representation of Latvian tennis) duked it out in five sets as well. Moya, the veteran, came through, and I'm sad to say that I haven't had a chance to actually see Gulbis play. They either haven't shown his matches while I've been watching, or they've shown him while I haven't been watching. I've heard fabulous, great things...maybe he'll come to Legg Mason next year? I mean, c'mon, Latvia isn't *that* far away? If what I've been hearing is true, we will all get many more chances to see this youngster play. And once again, I have to give a shout out to Starlite for bringing Gulbis to my attention way before he started making any headlines. The girl knows her tennis!

Nole took to the court today, along with Juan Monaco and a whole entourage of trainers. This is was a GREAT match! We pretty much knew it was going to be close, and Monaco did push it to four sets. They were all close but Nole took it in the end. This kid is really mentally making great strides, not to mention his tennis!

One interesting thing happened, though, that you don't regularly see...during the third set tiebreak Monaco lost a point because a ball fell out of his shorts pocket. Because it was the second time it happened, he did lose a point (first time is just a warning, and according to the commentators, happened earlier in the match). He was wearing the YOC Adidas shorts, so guys...beware if you chose these shorts. Don't lose your balls. *smile*

Szavay is also playing women's doubles, and is into the semis! What with everyone else being eliminated, someone has to be left to play! If she doesn't make the single's final, we might see her in doubles! (Well, 'see' depends on the damn networks.)

Boy, I'm grouchy tonight.

Right now, Justine is a set and a break up on Serena. I found myself, during the first set, rooting for Serena. It is hard to believe, but I think she is freezing up. She looks tight. She doesn't look like she actually believes that she can beat Justine. She isn't stepping into returns and ripping them. She isn't serving all that great either. She did get back a break in the first set, but then lost in the tiebreak. I don't know...something about her is just off. I'm hoping, just for the sake of the match and the hype and the people poured into the stadium to watch her, that Serena decides to turn it on. Soon.

And, she needs to work on her footwork. Next to Justine, it is really obvious that she isn't moving her feet enough. One of the reasons Justine can hit so big, even though being so small, is that great footwork.

There was a 'C'mon'...is she waking up? Is it too little too late?

Meanwhile, today's heroes:

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Starlite said...

Thanks for the shout-out! It's funny , I almost asked for Stan Wawrinka's instead because I just knew that none of you guys had heard of him and I would be teased forever. :D

I really hope he comes to Washingto next year too. This year he decided not to because Davis Cup was the week before and it's not exactly practical to go from Finland to N. America. I'm not so sure though, because the Beijing Olympic tennis tournament is being held the same week as Legg Mason! WHY oh Olympic schedulers, WHY???