Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lindsay wins! What does it mean?

It took three sets, and it wasn't the best tennis in the world, but Lindsay dominated the third set to claim the title in Bali (her second) in her first singles tournament on the tour since leaving to have little Jagger.

Now, the question is...what does this mean for the WTA tour?

This is my speculation. Lindsay beat two strong and active players in Jankovic and Hantuchova. I believe that she will be a factor in anything that she enters, but I remain skeptical that she will be able to hang with the top group.

But then again, what is the top group?

The rankings here are misleading, in my opinion. Henin is in a tier all by herself right now. #2 is Sveta. Huge difference that was obvious for the whole world to see in the US Open final. I do not believe Sveta is the second best player in the world.

My top group would be Henin, Venus, and *maybe* Jankovic. I see Jelena as more of the top of the second tier, but she has had great, competitive matches with Venus and Justine this year. She needs a break through, though, much like her compatriot AnaIvo.

Second tier would be occupied by Sharapova (until she fixes that shoulder and serve, she will not be top tier...period), Serena, AnaIvo, Sveta.

I think Lindsay can hang with that second tier. I do not think she will threaten the top. But I do sincerely hope that she is enjoying herself and tennis again. She just didn't look happy that last year, and it was painful to watch.

Lindsay will be playing the China Open this week, and has a nice draw. She will face a qualifier in the first round. Another player making her return this week in China is Amelie Mauresmo. Yay! We need her back...nerves and all. will remain to be seen if she returns to the top tier, or hangs out in the second guess is second tier. But to me, she has nothing left to prove.

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