Friday, September 14, 2007

Lindsay marches on...

Unbelievably, Lindsay advanced to a meet-up with Jelena Jankovic in Bali...and won. It took three sets, but she just defeated the number 3 player in the world.

She had some help. Evidently, Jankovic came unglued in the third set. She was quite upset at the chair umpire, and it once again affected her game. She *must* find a way to stop letting this happen. You're the number one seed, at a tier III in Bali (dodging earthquakes and tsunami) need to find a way to keep it together.

Credit to Lindsay for not letting her opponent's self destruction derail her...she stayed cool, played high percentage tennis, and got the job done. I'm not ready to say 'She's back' just quite yet. When Hingis came back she enjoyed a lot of wins over top players...mostly because they hadn't seen her before and didn't know her game. Now they pretty much own her. It won't be the same pattern for Lindsay, but while I'm very happy with this result, I'm just being cautious. I'd love to see her have some good success on the tour, though.

Her next opponent is Sara Errani. On the other side lurks Hantuchova, with whom she has a good H2H record. Similar games, with Davenport with the technique edge, and Hantuchova with the movement edge.

They withdrew from the doubles draw, however. Too bad, I think it would have been neat to see them meet each other in the final, and also be in the final as a team in doubles.


This weekend also features the Fed Cup final between Russia and Italy in Moscow. The Italians are huge underdogs, but don't underestimate them! They were huge underdogs last year to Belgium, and came through...albeit with a bit of help from Justine. The Italians will fight, and they have heart and passion. Francesca Schiavone leads the way as the highest ranked Italian, backed up by Mara Santangelo and Flavia Pennetta. If they were on clay, I'd think they would have a better chance with both Pennetta and Schiavone on their team, but the tie will take place on an indoor hard court. The Russians are leading with Kuznetsova, Chakie, and Petrova. One of their practice partners - Maria Sharapova. I *love* the fact that Tarpishev is making her earn her spot...especially after she's let them down so many times before. Furthermore, I think she is about as Russian as my pinkie. But if Tursunov can play, I guess she can, too.


I had a good playing week...beating someone in singles on Thursday night that I had never defeated before...with a very painful foot to boot. I thought I had two tournies coming up, but I'm now down to one, as the club director turned the women's tournament into a men's tournament. Which really sucks. They have men's tournament all through the summer...I think it is the gals' turn!

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