Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cincy/Toronto mini-wrap ups

Mini-wrap ups...sounds more like a snack than a post.

I'm finally starting to get back in the saddle here again. I have to say, whoever came up with this 'you need to get your wisdom teeth removed' thing...I'd like to smack them...hard! Friday and Saturday were very painful days indeed, and I'm still swollen up like you wouldn't believe. I have, however, mastered chewing with my front teeth...making me feel like a rabbit. It also slightly worries me, as I know that isn't what your front teeth are for! Oh well...someday, maybe my face will feel the same again.

Enough about me...I did rouse myself from the vapors of Vicodin to catch some tennis.

Not unexpectedly, Federer came out on top in Cincy. It really did seem to be his title one most of the other seeds fell away. But, while it goes without saying that some of his earlier round play was scratchy, Fed knows when it is time to gear up, clean up the UE, and close down a match. Still, Hewitt just about snuck that semi-final out. And I have to admit it, I was totally rooting for the upset. After 10 straight losses, seeing Hewitt come out on top would have been an incredible moment in tennis. And he just about did it...after finally getting to that final set tie-break, though, it seemed like the Aussie just ran out of gas, and Fed went into gear. Still, a very good week for Hewitt, and chances are good, draw permitting, for him to get far in the Open.

James Blake also deserves some recognition. You have to figure, just making the final would be a great accomplishment after his scratchy play so far this year. Against Querry and Davydenko, Blake had moments of pure brilliance. As always, though, with his game, the line between brilliance and confusion is a very fine one. Great to watch when he is on, but almost painful when he isn't. I was very impressed, particularly, with his second set shut-down of Davydenko.

Now to the ladies...we had the final we wanted. Yet another drag 'em down shoot-out between Jelena Jankovic and Justin Henin. With the exception of their meeting in this year's French Open, all of their other matches (I believe) have all gone to three sets. Two of them that I can recall right now, featured a huge lead by Jankovic in the final set only to be put down by a Henin comeback. Was today that day that Jankovic would finally prevail?

Well, no, but what a match! Great shotmaking, long rallies, and just some real great, gutsy tennis. It featured the WTA's best 1HBH against it's best 2HBH. And while Jankovic once again came out on the short end, I don't think anyone can doubt that she gave it everything she had, heart, head, and soul. The glaring weakness is Jankovic's serve!!! Oh, I would hate to see her go down the path of Dementieva! With such hard hitting groundstrokes, it makes no sense that her serve would be so weak.

Speaking of weak serves...Davydenko was serving like an old lady in his match against Blake! Some of his first serves were in the 80s. WHAT?!? Did he always serve like this?

Or is this just another 'flavor' of player...the Dementieva, Jankovic, Daydenko...the great groundstrokes and movement, but the weak serve that they start off having to compensate for? You can't beat the Federers and Henins if you are behind before you've even hit the first shot!

I will not be returning to the court for my own tennis endeavors for a few days...I need the fluid to leave my face! I can't imagine running around and hitting things right now...just thinking about it hurts!

Now we have just that little Pilot Penn tournament, and then finally! The Big One! The Open will be here!

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