Sunday, August 26, 2007

US Open: The Qualifiers

Qualifiers are tough. They come into a tournament having already played a tournament just for the honor of playing in...the tournament! The are match tough in the first round, when other, more highly ranked players are sometimes scratchy. They can be looked at as an easy opponent, but many have made that mistake and fallen.

I will be looking at a few notable names (to me, anyway) in each draw. If you want a complete list, the US Open web page will provide it.

The Men:
Alexander Waske - I saw this German play doubles last year. I liked his game and try to follow his name whenever I see it pop up in draws
Steve Darcis - Like Dancevic in Indy, Darcis made a name for himself by going through qualifying all the way to the final of a tournament. From Belgium, he left most people going...'who'? EDIT: My bad...Dancevic was the last main draw acceptance into Indy, he didn't have to go through qualifying. Still, an impressive run and some strong, entertaining tennis. Good catch, Atown!
Scoville Jenkins - One of those American hopefuls, but we haven't heard much from him lately. He tends to be outshadowed by the Donald Young hype and game. Unfortunately, he opens against Federer.
Paul Capdeville
Andrei Pavel
Rainer Schuettler - Hey! That was a surprise...a blast from the past.
Rik DeVoest
Dudi Sela
Bjorn Phau - Opens against a strong opponent in Moya.
Frank Dancevic - Saved him for last...he got stuck in qualifying because his ranking was too low at the time everything is decided. It is good to see him get through, since his current ranking probably would have been enough to get him direct acceptance into the main draw. He has Safin first. I can't decide who this is worse for...Safin or Dancevic. Honestly, I pick the youngster to go through, relegating Safin to yet another disappointing loss.

The Ladies:
Kira Nagy - Notable only because she will be Venus' first round opponent.
Emmanuelle Gagliardi - Hanging around.
Tsvetana Pironkova - When I saw VW would be playing a qualifier, and I saw Pironkova had made it through, I really hoped they would be drawn against each other in a re-match of the Aussie first round that saw Venus' early exit. Not to be, though, as Pironkova will be playing Olga Poutchkova.
Sandra Kloesel - Veteran German will face the newest sensation, Agnes Szavay, in the first round. There are question marks surrounding Szavay...will she be rested enough after New Haven? How is the back?
Alina Jidkova
Tatiana Perebiynis
Zi Yan - Again makes it through qualifying...could cause some minor waves if she keeps playing the way she did earlier this summer. She opens against Bychkova, and I pick Yan to make it through.


Chris said...

Unlike Dancevic, Darcis won (plus Dancevic didn't have to qualify, but he was the last direct acceptance).


Topaz said...

Ah yes, that is right...forgot about the 'last minute drive from Canada to Indy' story. He didn't win, but getting to the final and playing a good match against Roddick is quite an achievement in its own.