Sunday, August 12, 2007

A good day for Serbian tennis.

'Serbian tennis'. Now that's a phrase that, until this year, didn't come up a lot. But with the trio of Ana Ivanovic (a winner today in LA), Jelena Jankovic (Ana's semi-final victim), and Novak Djokovic the phrase is becoming more and more common.

Djokovic followed up his semi-final upset of Nadal with another, even bigger upset over world #1 and contender for Greatest Tennis Player of All Time, Roger Federer. It didn't come easy. Nole stormed out to a 2-0 lead in the first set, but to nobody's surprise Roger broke back. The impossible happened when Roger was serving for the first set 6-5, 40-0; and got broken by the Djoker! The mental fortitude to do that against Federer speaks volumes to how Nole has matured as a player. He then stormed through the first set tie-break 7-2.

The second set was vintage Roger Federer. He took two breaks to beat Nole back down 6-2 and to force a third and deciding third set.

The third set started exactly the same as the first, with the Djoker taking an early break from Roger. At this point, I fell asleep. I don't know, I guess I was tired, and my couch sure is comfy. Would you believe I woke up with the players in a third set tiebreak? That's right, I woke up in time to see the last two points of the match, with Djokovic once again prevailing in a tiebreak to win the title.

This is huge. This is massive. Somebody other than Federer or Nadal won a Masters Series Title!!! And he didn't get any help from anyone else...Djokovic beat Roddick, Rafa, and Roger on the way to the title. Nobody has done that, beating #3, #2, and #1, since the days of Boris Becker. And now, Nole is #3.

With his sights on #1. Look out Roger, you and Rafa have some company!

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