Thursday, August 16, 2007

Snoring through Cincy...

Is it just me, or is anyone else losing interest? That's what happens, I guess, when all the young guns go out early.

Andy Roddick was added to the body count today, losing to Spaniard David Ferrer. (Those sneaky Spaniards!) Again, I can't feel all that surprised. What are Roddick's two weapons? Serve and forehand. Well, you know what? He isn't the only one out there with a big serve and forehand, and the rest of his game is still...STILL!...lacking. That leaves the door open for a sneaky Spaniard to grind out a tiebreak, get a break, and then before you know it, it is game, set, match. Until (if?) Roddick ever develops other parts of his game, to the level of the other players, then he will continue losing matches to top 10, sometimes top 20, players.

There is good news, though. Same Querry is through, actually making it further through the draw than Roddick, with a victory over Juan Monaco. Hewitt defeated a sullen Melzer who faded in the extreme conditions, and just kind of seemed a bit whiny in the bit of the match that ESPN deemed to show us. Other winners today were Moya (three tough sets over JMdPotro), Federer (pushed by Baghdatis), Blake (in an impressive straight sets win over JCFerrero), and a surprise in the doubles...the Serbian team of Djokovic/Zimonjic beat #2 sees Bjorkman/Mirnyi in a third set tiebreak. Veerrrrryy interesting!

Oh, and Davydenko won, too.

Only possibly unexpected result for the women would be Razzano's win over Peer, though Peer has been kind of in a slump lately. I hope she shakes it off by the Open.

I will more than likely not be posting again until Sunday. Tomorrow morning the wisdom teeth come out, and my mom is visiting. I will try to catch some matches and jot down some thoughts for a nice, big post Sunday evening. Provided I'm not still on painkillers. Though, posting while on painkillers just may be more entertaining!

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