Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nadal's Knees

Whoa...Jim Courier just reported that Nadal almost didn't play his match today because he had laser surgery on his knees! But, because he had so much family coming, that he went ahead and played.

Smart? I don't think so. Why would he chance an even more serious injury? His ranking is not in jeopardy. He'll have other chances...but not if he blows out his knees.


Anonymous said...

Hey Topaz, here's something I found just for you:

Old School
aka atatu

Topaz said...

Whoa....this is great, thanks atatu!!!

Chris said...

Today Rafa stated that he played because it was a major, and that if it had be a regular tournament he probably would not have taken the court.


Topaz said...

I don't know, Chris, I still think it was risky. What if he had gotten behind in you think he would have retired?

Chris said...

I don't know, but I definitely agree that it was very risky. The New York Times blog reported yesterday that he looked to be back in form ( I guess we'll have see how he looks tonight.