Friday, August 31, 2007

The Morning Update: Blake vs. Santoro

I tried my best to stay awake, but drifted off somewhere around 4-3 in the last set. I have to say, when that fifth set started, I thought Blake looked like he believed...that he believed that this time, he would be the one to prevail in five sets. A few games later, the conviction was not as strong, but it still seemed like he had an edge over Santoro, especially when the Frenchman started playing the 'trainer trick'.

And, I want it never, ever to be said, that only the women play these games. The men are just as practiced at gamesmanship as say, Mary Pierce. And, if you're not breaking the rules, then all is fair. If a rule needs to be changed, then the players can work on that. If the rules aren't being enforced, who is at greater fault...the player or the chair ump who is not doing their job?

But again, props to James for pulling this through, 6-4, in the fifth. This should be a huge confidence builder.

Will this be Santoro's last open? The game of tennis would mourn his retirement, as there is nobody else who plays like him.

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Chris said...

I hope Fabrice hangs around for a while as well; last night his play was as entertaining as ever.

When interviewed on court after the match he stated that he hoped to be back at the Open next year. I don't think that gaining direct entry will be a problem (barring injury) as he has shown he can still win (by taking the Newport title last month).