Friday, August 24, 2007

New Haven Update

Most of the finals are set, with Blake and Mathieu battling it out right now for a place in the men's final.

EDIT: Blake just prevailed over Mathieu in a third set tie-break, setting up an All-American men's final. US Open series organizers are probably drooling over this, but the timing, and maybe legitimacy, is still in question.

The women's final will feature Kuznetsova, who won after Dementieva retired in the third set after a grueling first two sets. She will play a new face...qualifier Agnes Szavay. I don't know much about her, so I looked up a bit of info: She is Hungarian, currently ranked #41 in the world, owns WTA and ITF singles and doubles titles, but has never been past the second round of a grand slam. As I mentioned in a previous post, Jon Wertheim picked her to come out of the bottom half of the US Open draw, so evidently people are liking what they see in her play. I won't be able to watch the match tomorrow, but will be recording it for later.

The men's doubles pits one of my favorites, Bhupathi, who is partnering Zimonjic for this tournament (hmmm, that could be a strong team!) against Fyrstenberg/Matkowski. Women's doubles is Black/Huber vs. Mirza/Santangelo.


My personal losing streak continued tonight, with a 6-1, 6-3 loss in 6.5 combo play. I just don't know what is going forehand has completely left me, and while I'm playing strong at the net, I'm not putting the volleys away, which is just giving my opponents another chance. All topspin on my forehand side was non-existent tonight...things were sailing waaaay long. *sigh* Maybe all the lessons aren't worth it...everyone has their own way of teaching, and now I'm just all mixed up and confused because I've taken from so many different pros. Not by choice, by the way...they all have a nasty habit of getting fired.


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