Sunday, August 5, 2007

Getting ready for the finals!

John Isner continued his incredible roll at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, with yet another win in a third set tiebreak. This time it was over Frenchman Gael Monfils. Both players, who are in great shape, were visibly exhausted by the third set, and it makes it even more thrilling when you know the players are just laying it all out on the court. Unfortunately, Monfils had a bit of a choke, as he had the match on his raquet at 6-5 in the third set, after securing the first break of serve in the entire match. Monfils' serve, which had been just as strong and sometimes stronger than Isner's, left him in that game, and he threw in two double faults, all but handing the match back to Isner on a silver platter. Isner took that momentum and steam rolled through his fifth straight third set tiebreak 7-2.

I really liked how Monfils and Isner met at the net after the match...there was a handshake, a hug, and then another handshake. Two classy guys who just played their guts out.

Donald Dell was commentating on TTC, and said that a US Open WC is pretty much a done deal for Isner at this point. It also looks probable that Isner will be traveling with the Davis Cup team for their semi in Sweden later this fall.

I'm unhappy with tomorrow's finals schedule though. Last year they put all three finals, men's doubles, men's singles, women's singles, on center court. Tomorrow they are starting the men's doubles (Bryans vs. Israeli team of Ehrlich/Ramm) at 12:00 on center court, and the women's singles final (Czink vs. Savchuk) at the same time on the grandstand. So I guess I will be running between the two. That sucks.

Then the men's final isn't until 3pm. I realize this has as much to do with TV scheduling, but what are we supposed to do for the time between, other than melt in the heat? Aiy, aiy, aiy!!!


Eric McErlain said...

I talked with Isner on Friday afternoon and snagged a brief interview with him. Click here to watch.

Topaz said...

Thanks for posting Eric...I may point some other tennis nuts in that direction as well. They'd be interested to learn more about Isner.

Starlite said...

Nice work Topaz, very pround of ya!

starlite said...

Yeah, that's supposed to say proud :D