Saturday, August 11, 2007

Combo 7.5 match

Today was my first 7.5 combo match. 7.5 means a 3.5 should be paired with a 4.0. Since I'm a 3.0, this had me shaking in my shoes a bit, but I was asked to be on the team. I'm capable of playing on a 3.5 level, and even had a few 3.5 wins this past season. And I also had a few butt kickings at 3.5 too. It is starting to get to the point that, at any level, you just never know what you're going to get.

And, in fact, I didn't face a 4.0. Our oponents were both 3.5s, so they had only a slight advantage, supposedly, over me and my 3.5 partner. Unfortunately, my partner hadn't played in a few weeks, and lost her timing on her serve. She threw in quite a few double faults, which didn't help us. She was also having a hard time returning, but our opponents both had great serves. I got more returns in just by coming in for the serve and taking it early, which is really my only defense against a lot of spin and pace. I must get to the ball before the spin really takes hold, or I'm dead meat!

We lost 6-4, 6-3. Not a bad score, and we had quite a few tight games. I can only wonder what it might have been if my partner was in her usual groove. But it was a fun match, and our opponents were really very nice ladies.

I also had a lesson this morning, my first post-Districts lesson. I was right. Carol and I spent the whole time on my forehand. She trying to undo what my last pro had me doing, mostly out of fear that I was going to eventually cause damage to my wrist. We worked on stepping into the ball, shoulder turn, and finish, and by the end of the lesson, I was finally getting it. I really wanted to go work on it on a backboard, but I had to save something for my match, and not overdo it on my left foot (which is still hurting with plantar fasciitis).

My friends' team is doing well at sectionals. They've won their first two matches, have one more tomorrow, and are a good bet to represent the Mid-Atlantic section at Nationals. I'm happy for them, but even more, I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! We all started out in leagues at the same time, and a trip to Nationals means they will get moved up to 3.5, and I will more than likely be stuck at 3.0. I really don't think my scores are good enough to get me moved up. But I'm the one who has already played and won at 3.5. And, I just don't get it! I played with one of them the other day, and she was netting almost every volley!!!

Eh, I'm just GREEN with envy. I really am. I want to go to Nationals SO BAD!!! That would be so cool. But I guess, if it can't be me, than I'd rather it be them than some of the other teams I know.

I'm being stupid...really, if I don't get moved up, I'll get to play more since I'll play 3.0 and 3.5. I have two 3.5 teams that want me. Ugh. I just need to RELAX!

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