Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Clinic + Combo match = Pain

Really, just simple arithmetic.

Before my plantar fasciitis problems started, I would have thought nothing of playing clinic and then heading out to a late match. The most I ever played in one day was nine sets of tennis. I can usually just go and go and go. And the only thing that keeps me from currently doing this is my foot, but I tend to 'ignore' it and try to keep going anyway. Not. Smart.

Since Greg 'left' (read, got fired) we have been able to keep our clinic with Randy, but moved it to Mondays to accomodate his schedule. He's really starting to get in the groove, and I appreciate the fact that I'm also getting a good workout while I'm working on my tennis. Some pros in the past would talk to much that I wouldn't break a sweat, and that made me feel like I was wasting my few precious dollars. Backboards are free!

Anyway, after 90 minutes in Randy's clinic my foot was throbbing a bit. I considered pulling out my sandals, but figured that staying in my shoes might be the best thing, since I had a combo match at 9:30. There was one drill we did that aggravated it, where we were practicing passing shots on the dead run, and the running and stopping to the left (BH) was what did it in.

I popped a few Advil and hoped for the best. I headed out to the match, which I was also captaining. And, I'm not doing that anymore. Not my team, so Sherry and Blanca are going to have to take the reins. I did my duty, above and beyond, the past four months, and I no longer want it to be my problem when someone isn't there on time and/or doesn't have money. I want to be able to just show up and play.

I was put on court #1 with Vivian, a 3.5 player. She was very nice, and a relaxing partner, but she wanted the ad side, and that is usually my side. I'm okay on deuce, but just better on ad. And I was worried, what with the adjustments Carol and I are making with my forehand, that all my FHs would be wonky. Vivian may be a 3.5 player, but she doesn't have 3.5 volleys. I dropped my serve immediately, despite hitting an ace, because she netted three easy volleys. Yikes! Not a good start!

I couldn't figure out which one of our opponents was the 3.0 and which one was the 3.5. That's bad news, too. One of the hit with lots of topsin, so I sliced to her, and the other one hit with the most ugly strokes you have ever seen, but it was so flat and you could never tell where it was going.

Vivian and I were facing a bagel in the first set at 0-5, but managed to squeak out two games before our opponents closed out the first set. We started off breaking them twice in the second set, but again fell behind, and lost the match 6-2, 6-2. It was one of those matches where to get even one measily little point, I had to do something spectacular. I'm just not that consistent with those 'spectacular' shots yet.

Our opponents, despite wiping us all over the court, were very nice, and I stayed and talked to both of them for a while afterward. And I got drafted! If I don't get moved up, I will have a singles spot on a 3.0 team next season, which is just what I wanted. Funny how this stuff happens.

Anyway, my foot was horrible when I finished. I know I need to go to the doctor, but I don't want them to tell me to stop playing, 'cause I won't. I am going to be out of commission for a bit when I get my wisdom teeth out on Friday, and at least the foot will get a rest then, but I'm still convinced that there is something else I can do, new shoes or inserts or something, that will make this go away. It came on so suddenly last year, that I'm still convinced that some kind of adjustment will do the trick. I just haven't found which adjustment works yet.

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